Nowadays, most people prefer to hang out in shopping malls when weekend comes. Due to this trend, shopping malls always update many fun activities related to shopping, watching movies, as well as eating foods and beverages.

In Puri Orchard area, there are three modern shopping malls that can live your weekend to the fullest. Here is the list of the shopping malls around Puri Orchard that you can find.


Puri Indah Mall

shopping malls around Puri Orchard

Puri Indah Mall is one of shopping malls that can be easily reached from Puri Orchard.  Located in CBD Puri Indah West Jakarta, The Puri Indah Mall has become a favorite destination for shopping malls around Puri Orchard. Besides having a center mall, This mall also has an expansion mall which is called Puri Indah Mall expansion. This expansion mall intends to expand stores, restaurants and business center of Puri Indah Mall itself. It also situates in the same location with Puri Indah Mall.

This shopping mall adopts the victorian architecture style as its building design and it has 14 hectare large area. The concept of the building leads to the characterization of Puri Indah itself which is mostly known as “The Modern Castle”.  For its facilitation, the mall has a vast parking area that can contain 2300 cars as well as 2500 motorcycles. It also has a huge center court in both the center mall and the expansion mall since there are various events that are held during high seasons like school and national holiday. The last events that have been held are Puri Shop n Win, The Greatness of Ramadhan, and Wheel of Death & Blocks Playground. These varied events make Puri Indah Mall always crowded either in the weekdays or the weekends.

Not only organizing events, but Puri Indah Mall also has complete and reliable versatile stores such as Keris Gallery Department Store, Informa Furnishings, Ace Hardware, Hero Supermarket, and Best Denki. For the entertainment service, Puri Indah Mall has XXI Cinema that is recently renovated with three additional studios. There are also a lot of restaurants and fashion stores inside.

Because of its facilities and services, it is a must to include Puri Indah Mall in your list of shopping malls around Puri Orchard.


Lippo Mall Puri

shopping malls around Puri Orchard

Lippo Mall Puri is another recommended shopping mall around Puri Orchard. This mall is also located in CBD Puri Indah near Puri Indah Mall. The Lippo Mall Puri is a part of St. Moritz superblock area which also operates the St. Moritz penthouses and residences. There are two malls of Lippo Mall Puri which consist of Mall 1 and Mall 2.

There are many facilities in this mall including flexible Parking (for cars, motorcycles, shuttle bus, and Grab cars), Backspaces rental (co-working space, meeting room, gathering), and Market Place. Besides, there are also many events and promo that held in Lippo Mall Puri. The notable event such as Live Football Match and Live Music Concert often held in the coffee walk area. Another event like a big sale or shopping discount is also available in Lippo Mall Puri, regarding that there are many companies that use Lippo Mall Puri as their new Market Places.

There are a lot of complete department stores and supermarkets in Lippo Mall Puri. It also provides two entertainment places which are XXI Cinema and Timezone. For the kids, the mall offers various kids tenants like Kidzania, The Children Place, Miniapolis, etc.

Most of all, Lippo Mall Puri is one of your best choices to have some fun in shopping malls around Puri Orchard.


PX Pavilion

shopping malls around Puri Orchard

The other shopping mall around Puri Orchard is PX Pavilion. This mall is also situated in CBD Puri Indah near Puri Indah Mall and Lippo Mall Puri. Designed by Singaporean architect’s company, the building of the mall has a huge Grand Ballroom with 1000m2 area. This PX Pavilion’s Grand Ballroom is the biggest ballroom ever in CBD Puri Indah. In general, the ballroom mainly serves the accommodation of several events such as weddings, exhibitions, seminars, corporate functions, film shooting, concerts, debates, product launching, birthdays, auctions and lifestyle events.

PX Pavilion has a different utilization with the other malls according to its usage. This mall is more focused on the rent of its Grand Ballroom. However, there are also some tenants that you can enjoy such as Ranch Market, Gold’s Gym, J.CO Donuts & Coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Fantasy Kingdom.

Even though there is not lot of tenants in PX Pavilion, the tranquil ambience of this shopping mall is still worthy to enjoy. In fact, there are many young adults or even adults who visit the mall and live a modern lifestyle. They go to the mall mostly to chill in the coffee shop or other tenants. It is guaranteed for you who desire to relax in the weekend.


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