Puri Orchard in flash

Puri Orchard

Puri Orchard is a brand new apartment located in the super block district of Puri, West Jakarta. The apartment is fully developed by Serenity Group through its own company which is named PT. Adicipta Graha Kencana. Puri Orchard Apartment is built in a land of 4Ha which is more developed for an area of mix used superblock. This concept of mix used superblock is to integrate exclusive living, office affairs as well as business districts and a hotel in one area. Hence, Puri Orchard exists to make a comfortable living that is near with offices, shopping arcades, café and restaurants.

Puri Orchard Apartment has been completely built in 2015. After that, the demands of Puri Orchard keeps growing due to the strategic location, exclusive service and complete facilities that becomes Puri Orchard characteristic itself.


Towers in Puri Orchard

Puri Orchard

Puri Orchard Apartment consists of three towers which have different names. They are Orange Groove tower, Cedar Heights tower, and Magnolia Spring tower. The Orange Groove tower is the first tower of Puri Orchard because the residents can easily find it when they enter the apartment area. The tower consists of 20 units which is diverse from studio unit, 1 BR unit until 2 BR unit. Besides Orange Groove, there is Cedar Heights tower which is placed in the center of Puri Orchard area. The Cedar Heights tower is mostly the same as the Orange Groove one. It also consist of just three unit types which are studio, 1 BR, and 2 BR. The last tower which is placed in the back of Cedar Heights tower is Mangnolia Spring. This tower is slightly different from the Orange Groove and the Cedar Heights tower because the unit types are marked by names such as Junior Suite, Family Suite, and Presidential Suite. The design of the unit is also more elegant with a more expensive price than of the Orange Groove or the Cedar Heights. But, the Magnolia Spring tower is still in progress right away and does not ready yet to be marketed.


Exclusive Facilities of Puri Orchard

In Puri Orchard, the residents will be pleased by the complete and exclusive facilities that are maintained carefully. Because of these facilities, the impression of exclusiveness can really be felt when living in the apartment. Here are the facilities that differentiate Puri Orchard and other apartments:

  • Thematic Swimming Pool

Puri Orchard

Puri Orchard has a unique swimming pool than the other apartments. It is called a thematic swimming pool. The pool has a different design which looks more modern and minimalist, making the swimming pool has its own exclusive ambience. There are also some relaxing seats in the edge of the pool where the residents can enjoy the building sight. An additional place which has an oval form with roof is also placed in the swimming pool which can be used by the residents as a relaxing place during the rain. The swimming pool is placed in each of the apartment towers so it can be privately used by the residents. Moreover, the water of the swimming pool is always clean and limpid which is really comfortable for the residents to go swimming.


  • Sky Garden

Puri Orchard

In Jakarta, an apartment that has sky garden on it is still minimum. However, Puri Orchard has a sky garden on each of its towers which can be used by the residents to get relaxed. The design of the sky garden is good enough. All the details of it provide the residents with fresh ambience and natural atmosphere. There are also a lot of seats in there with a little fountain in the center so the sensation of it is really peaceful.


  • Fitness Center

Puri Orchard

Near the swimming pool, there is a private room for a fitness center. The fitness center is equipped with complete fitness tools that will make Puri Orchard residents fit. There is also a transparent look within the fitness center window so the residents could get the swimming pool sight while exercising.


  • Parking Lot up to 5th Floor

Puri Orchard

Some of Jakarta apartments can really bother the residents because of the parking area space. Many apartments in Jakarta have tight parking spaces where could trouble the residents. But, in Puri Orchard, there is a parking lot up to 5th floor like in a mall so it is very exclusive.


  • Access Card

Puri Orchard

Every facility in Puri Orchard is protected by an access control. To enjoy it, an access card is needed in every use. Hence, the residents will be given an exclusive access card which means that only the residents can access the apartment.


Puri Orchard’s surroundings

Puri Orchard is really cozy and fresh because there is lot of plants that surround most of the places. Since it is also a new apartment, the atmosphere is rather quiet and tranquil. It is also encouraged by the location of the apartment which is more placed inside and rather far from the highway noise.

Besides that, there are also several places surrounding Puri Orchard that can please the residents.

  • KFC

Puri Orchard

There is a kfc restaurant that located across Puri Orchard apartment. this KFC is 24 hours open. The residents can go to this place or to make a delivery to their unit.


  • Mini Market MOR (Inside OT Building)

Puri Orchard

Puri Orchard is located beside an office which is OT Building. Inside the OT building, there is MOR, a convenience store that serves Western foods, cold beverages and a hang out place like 7-Eleven.


  • Café 35 – Cheap-prices Restaurant (Inside OT Building)

Puri Orchard

In OT Building, there is also a cheap prices restaurant that can be enjoyed by Puri Orchard residents. With only 19.000 rupiah, the residents can enjoy some delicious foods in here.


  • Puri Mart

Puri Orchard

If you were too lazy to clean your stuffs, you can launder them in this store which is located alongside Puri Orchard’s ground floor. Moreover, the store also serves the residents with mineral water supply, gas filling, and other resident’s daily needs. You don’t have to be worried about your needs because this mart is 24 hours available.


How to rent Puri Orchard Apartment

To rent a unit in Puri Orchard Apartment is easy. First, you need to check the unit’s availability in https://puriorchard.id and see the apartment’s details by clicking to the unit types. Then, you can directly make a call by visiting the “contact us” button and you will be kindly served via Whatsapp. After that, you will make a tour to the apartment and the unit with an agent representative that will accompany you. The price list of the apartment will also be arranged in details if you were ready to make an agreement. Finally, with just these easy steps, you can experience an exclusive living in Puri Orchard.