Living in apartments has become a trending lifestyle in Jakarta these days. Besides being a trend, it also ease the residents life since it can reduce time consuming by avoiding high traffic jam that often happen in Jakarta. One apartment in Jakarta that is highly recommended is Puri Orchard Apartment. Located in a strategic location near CBD Puri Indah, West Jakarta, this apartment will definitely facilitate the residents’ needs and living.

Moreover, the renting process in Puri Orchard Apartment is really easy. The renters of Puri Orchard can easily rent the apartment by just following some easy steps that also benefit them. Here are the four steps on how to rent Puri Orchard Apartment.


  1. Checking Unit’s Availability

Puri Orchard

The first thing you do before renting an apartment is of course to check the unit availability. Many people also do this step to adjust with what unit type they want. So, is it a must to visit the apartment in order to check the availability? The answer is no. It is not necessary. Nowadays, the best way that most people use to check the availability is through an apartment’s website. By looking into the website, the renters can completely read the full description of the apartment, the facilities, as well as the unit details.

Puri Orchard is one apartment that establishes a website of its own. The address is In this website, the renters can easily see all the details of the apartment.

How about the apartment’s contact? Is it available in the website? Don’t worry. This Puri Orchard website also offers the contact menu directly into the Puri Orchard agents so you won’t find any hard to ask questions and rent the apartment. It is practical.


  1. Preparing Exact Budget for The Unit’s Prices

Puri Orchard

Another step that needs attention is to prepare your budget for the unit’s prices. This one is really important because there are several types of unit that can be your options. How much the prices to rent Puri Orchard Apartment? Okay, the prices details will be informed clearly in below. The first thing you must know is that Puri Orchard Apartment serves three types of unit that are available. There are Studio unit, 1BR unit, and 2BR unit. Each of the unit also has the furnished ones and the unfurnished one, which will also affect the prices.

-The rent price of a Fully Furnished Studio Unit in Puri Orchard is generally 2.75 million rupiah per-month.

-The rent price of a Fully Furnished Studio Unit with Pool & City view of Puri Orchard is higher which is at 3.09 million rupiah per-month.

-The rent price of a Fully Furnished 1 BR unit in Puri Orchard is 3.75 million rupiah per-month on average.

-The rent price of an Unfurnished 1 BR unit in Puri Orchard is cheaper which is at 2.09 million per-month.

-The rent price of an Unfurnished 2 BR unit in Puri Orchard is also still affordable which is 5 million rupiah per-month.

All the unit types are offered exclusively to the renters so they just have to match their budget with what unit that they want to rent.


  1. Calculating Other Charges (Deposit, Maintenance, Water Usage, Electricity)

Puri Orchard

The next step that should be followed is to calculate other possible charges and prepare to pay them. In Puri Orchard, when the renters are planning to rent, the agent would list the rent-price charge and other charges that the renters should pay for the continuity living in the apartment. The other charges include Deposit charge, Maintenance charge, Water Usage charge and Electricity charge. So, how much the charge of each of them? The pricelist will be informed below.

-Deposit charge is a one-paid charge that the renters must pay before renting an apartment. This deposit charge will be returned in the day when the renters want to quit from the apartment. This charge usually establishes in a fully furnished unit. In Puri Orchard, the deposit charge is 3 million rupiah.

-Maintenance charge is a charge that the renters should pay every month for the environmental service and sinking fund charge. In Puri Orchard, the maintenance charge costs 425 thousand rupiah per-month which is still an affordable price for apartments in Jakarta.

-Water Usage charge is a charge for how much the renters use the water in the unit. The price of water usage charge in Puri Orchard is still depended on the habitual use of the water of each resident. It can cost for about 120 thousands rupiah per-months on average.

-The last is the electricity charge. In Puri Orchard, the electricity uses a token type which the renters can fill it in the resident service room. For a month, the electricity might be costs 200 thousands rupiah for general usage.


  1. Making A Rent Agreement while Negotiating

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If you want to rent an apartment in Puri Orchard, you have to make a rent agreement before. During negotiate with the agent about all the charges, you also have to fill a rent agreement about all the charges and the price you want to pay. After making this rent agreement, both of the renters and the agent will also be benefited because it can be a legal document during the  rent business goes on.