5 Best International Schools in West Jakarta

The future of your children is one important thing that you must take care about. Children’s character and discipline can only be strongly built by letting them to study in an international school. It is obvious that international schools have more quality than public schools. The services of the teachers, the staffs, and the academy […]

How to rent Puri Orchard Apartment in 4 steps

Living in apartments has become a trending lifestyle in Jakarta these days. Besides being a trend, it also ease the residents life since it can reduce time consuming by avoiding high traffic jam that often happen in Jakarta. One apartment in Jakarta that is highly recommended is Puri Orchard Apartment. Located in a strategic location […]

5 Best Co-Working Spaces in West Jakarta

Have you heard about the trend of workplaces nowadays? Well, it is called Co-Working Spaces. Due to the development of digital and start-up companies, this concept of Co-Working space has expanded throughout many capital cities, especially Jakarta. Co-Working space trend has been widely spread as a flexible workplace that carries on artistic theme and cozy […]

3 Shopping Malls Around Puri Orchard

Nowadays, most people prefer to hang out in shopping malls when weekend comes. Due to this trend, shopping malls always update many fun activities related to shopping, watching movies, as well as eating foods and beverages. In Puri Orchard area, there are three modern shopping malls that can live your weekend to the fullest. Here […]

10 Best Restaurants Around Puri Orchard

Culinary visit is always interesting to do. As a metropolitan city, Jakarta is a proper area for culinary visit that serve various kinds of food and culture you can enjoy. Moreover, the restaurants are easily reached if you reside in Puri Orchard. Here are ten best restaurants around Puri Orchard that you shouldn’t miss. Burgo […]