Culinary visit is always interesting to do. As a metropolitan city, Jakarta is a proper area for culinary visit that serve various kinds of food and culture you can enjoy. Moreover, the restaurants are easily reached if you reside in Puri Orchard. Here are ten best restaurants around Puri Orchard that you shouldn’t miss.

Burgo Jakarta

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Included in the best restaurants around Puri Orchard, Burgo Jakarta is an American eatery that will cheer you up. Located in Jl. Lingkar Luar Barat, inside Puri Mansion Shopping arcade, Burgo Jakarta can be easily reached with just one road straight from Puri Orchard. This restaurant has empty atmosphere and relaxing ambience. The interior design of the restaurant is also unique and refreshing.  You can enjoy a private sensation on this one as it is suitable for you to work or just eating and chilling. Burgo Jakarta opens from 10AM until 11PM. They mainly serve Western Burger as its best, but also have Pasta, Fingers Foods and Asian Foods on their menu.

Talaga Sampireun – Puri

best restaurants around Puri Orchard
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Talaga Sampireun is an Indonesian restaurant that carries the traditional nuance of sundanese culture. This restaurant is recommended for you if you want to taste delicious Indonesian foods. Talaga is also located in Jl. Lingkar Luar Barat, near Puri Orchard. The restaurant serves mostly Indonesian seafood and opens from 10AM until 10PM. There are also floating bungalows table over a lake, so you can enjoy a nature vibe.

Ayam Keprabon Express


Located in Ruko Taman Semanan Indah Block. D No.2, Ayam Keprabon Express becomes one of the best restaurants around Puri Orchard. Open from 10AM until 10PM, the restaurant is mostly known for its delicious chicken that mixed up with a unique Keprabon sauce. Besides providing tasty foods, Ayam Keprabon Express also has affordable food prices. This place is suitable for you who want to taste yummy foods with low prices on average.

Domino’s Pizza

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If you want to eat a quick bite food, you can go to Domino’s Pizza store that located in Ruko Taman Semanan Indah in front of Puri Orchard. Not only eating pizza in the restaurant, but you can also take away the foods as well as make a delivery order to your unit. Domino’s Pizza serves many delicious pizzas with different types of model. They also have rice bowl and tasty chicken on their menu which makes your options more extra. This cuisine is one of the best restaurants around Puri Orchard that you can enjoy either with your friends, family, or by yourself.  

Double Doors

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Double Doors is a European Bar & Restaurant located in Sentra Niaga Puri Indah Block T2 No.15. The functionality of this restaurant is really nice. It is a landmark restaurant which the restaurant is on the second floor, staging live music from Tuesday until Saturday. The downstairs is filled with a half open bar and there is also a sports bar in the top floor. Double Doors offers many variant foods start from German Pork Knuckle to Nasi Goreng Kampung over Pizza and Pasta to Sandwiches, Salad and Steaks. The beverages of Double Doors also come from international beers, a wide range of liquors, and tasty cocktails. You can visit this dashing restaurant from 12PM until 2AM.

Hongkong Dimsum


If you like eating chinese foods, Hongkong Dimsum will be one of your favourite restaurants around Puri Orchard. Located in Jl. Kembangan Raya, Puri Indah, West Jakarta, the Hongkong Dimsum offers many variant of chinese foods with affordable prices. In this restaurant, there are various chinese dimsums with different taste that you can try. Besides that, Hongkong Dimsum also provides Chicken Mie, Chicken Tim, Pangsit Soup as well as chinese vegetables like Kailan and Cap Cay. This restaurant is available from 10 AM until 10PM.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ – Lippo Mall Puri

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Located in the lower ground of Lippo Mall Puri, Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ is included in one of the delicious restaurants around Puri Orchard. Along with its modern concept, Gyu-Kaku has become a popular culinary for most people nowadays. The restaurant mainly offers exclusive buffet that you can enjoy. The menu varies from Premium meat, Appetizers, Rice&Noodle, Soup, Dessert, until Vegetables. You can visit this trending restaurant from 10AM until 10PM.

Sushi Tei – Puri Indah Mall

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If Sushi is your favorite food, you can visit Sushi Tei restaurant that located in the first ground of Puri Indah Mall. As we know that Sushi Tei is the most famous Sushi chain in Indonesia, there is no doubt about the superiority of the taste. The menu includes several appetizers, House Specialty (Sushi), Ramen and various kinds of drink from cocktails until mocktails. The restaurant’s ambience is also cozy and friendly. It is available from 10AM until 10PM.

Pique Nique – PX Pavilion


Pique Nique is an Italian restaurant located in the upper ground of PX Pavilion. Known for its indoor picnic setting, this restaurant has its own uniqueness and is worthy to be included in the list of best restaurants around Puri Orchard. The restaurant mostly serves Italian dishes as their main menu. There are also Asian foods like Prawn Mee and Indonesian foods such as Fried Rice that are available. The nuance of the indoor picnic is also comfortable and good for kids. You can visit this place from 10AM until 10PM.

Fish & Co – Puri Indah Mall

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If you like eating fish, you can go to this Western seafood and feel a different taste. Located in the ground floor of Puri Indah Mall, Fish & Co in this place is such expressing a new atmosphere known from its unique interior. The menus of the restaurant are varied from the local until the inter-local fish and chips that you can taste. It also serves salad, seafood platters, and different variation of mocktails that make the restaurant feels enjoyable. This pirate restaurant is available from 10AM until 10PM.

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