In West Jakarta, there are a lot of attractions that you can enjoy during your leisure time. In some of the city area, Puri Indah for example, you can find many attractions that are new and you never try it before. So, if you guys don’t have any activity in the leisure time, here is the list of six tourist attractions in Puri Indah that will cheer you up.


  1. Pandora Experience
Puri Indah

The first tourist attraction that you must try is Pandora Experience. Located in Ruko Puri Britania, Puri Indah, this one is a really recommended place that is still new in the ears of Jakarta people. Pandora Experience is an ultimate escape adventure game where players will enter each game room in a group up to 14 people. The Pandora mainly offers an escape game with familiar themes such as Alcatraz (a sadistic prison in California), Shutter Asylum (taken of the film Shutter Island: an island filled with crazy people) and many more. In this place, you will experience a little hard escape if you don’t use your mind. So, it is a bit tricky game but it is really exciting. Make sure you go to this one if you are in Puri Indah.


  1. Puri Land
Puri Indah

In Puri Indah, there is also a game place like timezone which is called Puri Land. It is located in the second floor of Puri Indah Mall and it is operated under Fun World Indonesia. There are a lot of rides that you can try and there are also many modern arcade games that are accelerating. This place mostly prioritize the children to play but it is also fit for young-adults and teenagers. If you have no activities, why don’t you go to Puri Indah mall and earn some gifts from Puri Land? It’s interesting, isn’t it?


  1. Kembangan Utara Urban Forest
Puri Indah

Nowadays, finding a green space in a business city like Jakarta is really difficult, Fortunately, Puri Indah area has one. Located in Kembangan Utara, Puri Indah, this urban forest serves a fresh atmosphere that is produced through a lot of trees in there. Some people often use this place to do jogging, yoga, or other exercise. The forest is also rather huge which makes this forest as a favorite tourist attraction around regarding that there is less green spaces in Jakarta. The environment of this forest is quite clean and tidy because it is always cleaned by the forest janitor. No doubt that this forest has become a favorite place in Puri Indah.


  1. Double Doors
Puri Indah

Double Doors is a European style bar that is located in Sentra Niaga Puri Indah. Not only functioned as a bar, but the bar also serves a sport bar where there is a lot of light sport games that you can play. It includes billiard, dart sport, and even arcade games. In this place, you wouldn’t get bored because the bar also has complete liquors from all around the world. Moreover, the foods are also mainly from Europe but Double Doors also has Asian foods at its best. This bar is such a perfect place to enjoy your leisure time in Puri Indah.


  1. PX Pavilion
Puri Indah


Another recommended attraction in Puri Indah is PX Pavilion Mall. This mall is an elegant mall that has a huge grand ballroom which is designed by a Singaporean architect. The grand ballroom of PX Pavilion is even the biggest ballroom in West Jakarta. It functions for many events like weddings, seminars, etc.

Not only that, but PX Pavilion also has a lot of tenants that you can enjoy. Tenants like Gold’s Gym, J.CO Donuts & Coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Creamtology Coffee Roaster and Fantasy Kingdom are available in PX Pavilion. Some of these tenants even have a cool place design which you can also use it to take photos. This mall is worthy enough to be included in the list of Puri Indah attractions.


  1. Puri Indah Mall
Puri Indah

The Puri Indah Mall has become a favorite attraction in Puri Indah. It is frequently visited by many people throughout the years mostly in weekend. The building design of Puri Indah Mall adopts a victorian style which characterizes the mall itself as “The Modern Castle”.

Puri Indah Mall is a very huge mall. It has a complete facility which is one of them that is really functional is the parking area. The mall parking area is vast and can contain 2300 cars and 2500 motorcycle a day. In this mall, there are several events that held in the mall and it is actually widely known to have held some events. That’s why so many people feel interested to come. If you are in Puri Indah area, make sure to having fun in this one.