Coffee Shop has become a trendy hang-out place these days. Many teenagers or even old people visit a coffee shop to get a relax ambience either to just chill out or to get their tasks done. Puri Indah is one of the areas that is fulfilled with a lot of coffee shops. Located in a strategic area of West Jakarta, Puri Indah is such a heaven of coffee shops in town. Here are 7 coziest coffee shops in Puri Indah that you shouldn’t miss.


  1. Arden Coffee & Kitchen

Coffee Shop

Address: Pesanggrahan Street No. 168F, Puri Indah, Jakarta.

This coffee shop is definitely one of the best coffee shops in Puri Indah. The latte coffee is the most favorite menu that the visitors must buy. Besides serving coffee, this coffee shop also offers delicious Western foods such as Sushi Taco which it is a taco full of vegetables and meat but also drilled with sushi inside. This menu is exclusively served only in Arden Coffee Kitchen. Moreover, the interior of the café is also wonderful and photogenic, which can also be used by the visitors to take Instagrammable photos.


  1. Calibrate Coffee

Coffee Shop

Address: Puri Kembangan Street No. 9EF, Puri Indah, Jakarta

If you are looking for an early opened coffee shop, Calibrate Coffee could be your best options. This is one of outstanding coffee shops in Puri Indah, marked by the menus they serve. The menu named “egg benedict” is the most delicious menu for breakfast. For the coffee menu, Calibrate Coffee has a tasty hot cappuccino which really bold and creamy in mouth. What a perfect spot to start your day or to enjoy your leisure time.


  1. Dancing Goat Coffee Co

Coffee Shop

Address: Rukan Grand Puri Niaga, Blok K6/2P, Puri Kencana Street, Puri Indah, Jakarta.

Because of its unique name, there is a lot of people want to relax at this coffee shop. In this place, there are many variant of coffee which can make the visitors not feel bored about the spot. If you are a coffee lover, you can try the manual brew process of the coffee. It is so practical and perfect which can make you come again and again. If you’re not into coffee or want to try something different, you can try matcha latte that is also delicious. You can sip it with a butter of croissant which also makes it a lot tastier.


  1. Creamatology Coffee Roasters

Coffee Shop

Address: PX Pavilion @ St. Moritz, Puri Indah Boulevard Blok U1, Puri Indah, Jakarta.

This coffee shop is already open since 8AM in the morning. It is very suitable for those who want to taste some delicious menus for breakfast. This place is also known for its hits breakfast menus. The most popular menu of this coffee shop is its Hot Cappuccino. You can enjoy the taste of it as well as eating some soft menus like waffle and flavored toast bread. There is no doubt that this coffee shop is one of favorite places that you will like.


  1. Djournal Coffee

Address:  Puri Indah Mall Expansion, Ground Floor, Puri Indah Raya Street, Puri Indah, Jakarta.

Besides serving tasty coffee, Djournal Coffee also serves western food menus like Djournal Big Breakfast which consists of eggs, sausages, sliced beef, and fresh vegetables. This menu is the most favorite one. The visitors often combine the menu with a single big cup coffee with variant flavors to boost their appetites.


So, from all the coffee shops above, which one does interest you to come in? Let’s go sip some coffee.