The future of your children is one important thing that you must take care about. Children’s character and discipline can only be strongly built by letting them to study in an international school. It is obvious that international schools have more quality than public schools. The services of the teachers, the staffs, and the academy are well-organized which can boost your child’s mental higher.

The society of international schools is also nicer. Your children can build a relation with several international students or even attending some international events like student exchange. This will benefit your children as they gain international insights and experiences during their school times.

Many international schools do exist only in capital cities. West Jakarta is one region that provides several international schools that are good for your child’s growth. Here is the list.


  1. Springfield International School

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Located in Pulau Sebaru street, North Kembangan, West Jakarta, Springfield International School is one of best international schools in West Jakarta. The school maintains academic excellence which facilitate with many expatriate and also local teachers who are really expert in their fields. The students of Springfield may graduate with good English and high TOEFL score as well. Also for the academic studies, the students must be able to graduate with A score in minimum. It’s a perfect start for your child’s growth.


  1. St. Joseph International School

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Another best international school in West Jakarta is St. Joseph International School. This school is derived from an excellence academic standard that is applied first in Singapore. St. Joseph International School then opens their educational institutions in Jakarta. One special benefit of this school is about the large community they have. The community spreads throughout many major countries like Australia, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Canada, China, East Timor, France, India, Indonesia, and many more. The school is located in Tamansari, West Jakarta.


  1. Raffles International Christian School

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Located in strategic area of Meruya, West Jakarta, Raffles International Christian School is one of best international schools in West Jakarta. The Raffles Christian Group of Schools (RCGS) comprises of a group of premier schools that provides a world class, futuristic and Christian learning environment that nurtures Rafflesians to become active, lifelong learners and influential leaders of sterling character. The school acquire international Singapore standard that establishes in October, 2010.


  1. Blossom School

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Blossom School is located in Citra Garden 3, West Jakarta. The school is included in one of best international schools in Jakarta due to their visions of making the students strive for the excellence in education. Not just providing best education, but Blossom School also encourages the creativity of the students by giving a lesson of international culture, moral values, and creativity as well.  Moreover, the students will also be enriched by the high knowledge of various languages which can also develop their critical thinking.


  1. Singapore School Kebon Jeruk

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Situated in the area of Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Singapore School Kebon Jeruk is one of best international schools in West Jakarta. The school is accredited by many of international institutions and partners such as Cambridge International Schools, International Finance Corporation, and Ministry of Education Singapore which also affect the name of “Singapore School” itself. The school is filled with expatriate teachers which will definitely give the students with international characters and experiences.