Have you heard about the trend of workplaces nowadays? Well, it is called Co-Working Spaces. Due to the development of digital and start-up companies, this concept of Co-Working space has expanded throughout many capital cities, especially Jakarta. Co-Working space trend has been widely spread as a flexible workplace that carries on artistic theme and cozy ambience which feels comfortable.

These days, many start-up and digital companies prefer to use this Co-Working space since they can get more profit with less cost but creatively encouraging. With the breakthrough of this Co-Working place, many employees also admit that they could work more productive and gain more creativity because the place is enjoyable.

In West Jakarta, there are many Co-Working spaces that have been built to support new companies with lot opportunities. Because of that, many thriving start-ups or independent professionals do not lose their creativity while working. Here are 5 cool Co-Working Spaces that you could find in West Jakarta.


Apiary Co-Working Space

Co-Working Space

Located in the advanced area of West Jakarta, Apiary Co-Working Space is one of the best Co-Working places in Jakarta. It is exactly situated besides Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta. Strategically located next to an upbeat coffee and brunch presence, Apiary Co-Working space is such a suitable workplace with high convenience for those who want to enjoy work while still relieving stress.

Apiary Co-Working space is just something special facilitated by well plans, events also amenities that are extra comfortable. The plans include Shared Desk, Private Offices, Virtual Offices, as well as Meeting Room & Event Spaces. All plans are credible for every company need. In this place, there are also upcoming events for the workers which often held to raise creativity and fun experiences. The amenities also serve the Co-Working users well since there are some eloquent amenities like Free Flow Beverages, High Speed Internet and Car Wash. All services are free during the rent of Apiary Co-Working Space. It is like working in a dream.


Werkspace Soho Capital

Co-Working Space

Werkspace Soho Capital is facilitating businesses from all sizes and thrive them to grow. Located in Soho Capital Building, Podomoro City 19th floor, Werkspace offers good ambience of the Co-Working space marked by the full view of city Skyline and direct access towards business area of West Jakarta which is “Central Park Superblock”. It offers excellent cost to benefit ratio combined with unsurpassed convenience, which makes this location highly desirable for both local and multinational companies.


Kedasi Co-Working Space

Co-Working Space

Kedasi is a big name for Co-Working Space serving across West Jakarta. The Co-Working mainly locates in three profitable areas in West Jakarta which are Tomang, Tanjung Duren, and Thamrin. Kedasi Co-Working Space applies the theme of Indonesian culture in their working room to enhance the positive ambience for the creative workers. Besides serving Co-Working spaces, Kedasi also provides unique rental rooms like meeting rooms, event space, auditorium, outdoor lounge, until games room.

There are also many workshops that held in Kedasi Co-Working Space. All of the events are set to enhance every company in Kedasi to keep competing in Indonesian industry.


Infinity Co-Working – Virtual Office

Co-Working Space

Located in Permata Regency D/37, Kembangan, West Jakarta, Infinity Co-Working provides all sizes business from all entrepreneurs around Jakarta with easiness in renting an office. With the facility that the Infinity Co-Working offers, many entrepreneurs or professionals don’t have to waste their costs in renting a ruko or office room. After having a discussion, the clients will be facilitated with technology of creating comfortable working relations for their own company. Moreover, the offers of workplace also include usable meeting room for every working order. It is such a functional working service.


SOMA Co-Working Café

Co-Working Space

If you want to grow business in a really enjoyable place, SOMA Co-Working Café could be your best option. Located inside Raffles College area in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, this Co-Working space offers a nice ambience with clean offices and reliable business desks as well as meeting rooms. Not only that, but in SOMA Co-Working space, there is also a coffee shop that serves the best coffee and other beverages with affordable prices. You can smell the freshly brewed coffee while working in here.

Moreover, if your company rent for a month, there is a special offer which includes meeting rooms for 8 hours credit, high and reliable internet connection, free flow black coffee and infused water, and also free parking. The rent prices are also cheap with only 1 million rupiah per-months. It is the best Co-Working space with enjoyable sensation to grow businesses.


So, from all the Co-Working spaces above, what is your favorite?