Jakarta is the biggest metropolitan city in Indonesia. It is one of the most diverse city in the world, considering that it contains many cultures in one area. There are five administrative cities in Jakarta. Each of them has fascinating tourist attractions, cultural sites as well as entertainment spots.

West Jakarta is one of your travel options. Build by most of Indonesian history and contemporary, it is obviously the area that you must explore during your lifetime. Here is the list of ten best places around West Jakarta.


Jakarta Old Town

best places around West Jakarta

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Jakarta Old Town, mostly known as Kota Tua or Old Batavia, is an area where first established as the headquarters of Batavia (the old saying of Jakarta). It is also the old head office of VOC (the Dutch enterprise) and was built for about 1.3 square kilometers area. As the center of trade in the past, most of the European Sailors called this area with nicknames such as “The Eastern Queen” and “The Jewel of Asia”.

In this place, you will find a lot of museums and historical buildings like Fatahillah Museum with information of VOC Government, Bank Indonesia Museum with collection of Indonesian money in all time periods, Museum of fine arts and ceramics where you can see Indonesian paintings and ceramic sculptures, as well as Toko Merah and Intan City Bridge, the Dutch masterpiece buildings while colonizing Indonesia.

Most of the tourist attractions in Jakarta Old Town still have Dutch architectures on their details which also make this location as one of the best places around West Jakarta.


Chinatown Glodok

best places around West Jakarta

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Chinatown is located in Glodok, West Jakarta. This place already exists long time before the independence of Indonesia and is originally the Chinatown of Batavia. In the past, Due to the trading relation between the Dutch and the Chinese, the Chinatown was born for the Chinese to live.

Today, the area changes name to “Glodok” and it includes traditional Chinese houses, markets, architecture, and some of Chinese temples namely the Da Shi Miao and the Vihara Dharma Bhakti. Frequently, these historical buildings are visited either by the tourists or the locals. All red colors lanterns fill mostly the street as the theme of its Chinese ambience. There is also a lot of Chinese foods and the practice of Chinese herbal medicines.

Besides that, the oldest coffee shop in Jakarta “Tak Kie Iced Coffee” is available only in this area. You must try this one if you are coffee lovers.


Jakarta Aquarium (Neo Soho)

best places around West Jakarta

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Located in the Neo Soho Mall, Jakarta Aquarium is a fun recreational place for family and the first animal conservation in Indonesia that focuses on the habitat of sea creatures. This place offers a recreational concept in which you can see the beautiful sight of Indonesian sea. Moreover, there is also a mystery-sense in the aquarium that will make you feel like you are in an under-the-sea adventure.

Jakarta Aquarium also provides a world class theater show “Pearl of The South Sea” produced by a reputable Australian director, Peter Wilson. After seeing the aquarium and the theater, you can also eat some delicious seafood while watching a penguin attraction as well.


Museum Macan

best places around West Jakarta

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Museum Macan is a trending art museum in Jakarta. It provides the visitors with contemporary and modern art from Indonesia and all around the world. Located in AKR Tower Jalan Panjang, this museum is also included in one of the best places around West Jakarta.

In this museum, you can do many activities such as taking a tour on the museum’s exhibition, learning some art education or enjoying the conservatory spaces.

Sometimes many notable artists directly exhibit their artworks to this museum. One famous artist that have shown her masterpiece is Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese artist that establishes the most selling Museum Macan gallery “Life Is The Heart Of A Rainbow”.


Strawberry Café

best places around West Jakarta

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If you were looking to hang out in a café, you can visit Strawberry Café in Tanjung Duren. This café has a unique concept in which the customers can hang out and play various board games with friends or family. The foods and drinks are also delicious and relatively cheap. It also provides different games and plays every week so that you won’t feel bored to hang out in this place.

The price range of the menu is IDR 150.000 for two people on average. This one is suitable for you who want to taste different sensation of a café.


Rawa Buaya Urban Forest

best places around West Jakarta


Finding an outdoor attraction in city is not that easy. Fortunately, West Jakarta has an urban forest which is located in Rawa Buaya, Cengkareng. This urban forest provides the visitors with a large area of trees that produces a fresh atmosphere around it.

You can use this urban forest to relieve your stress mind and enjoy the ambience of its nature.


Central Park Mall

best places around West Jakarta


This shopping mall is located in the superblock area of Grogol, Petamburan. Because of its complete tenants and high facilities, the Central Park mall becomes one of the best shopping malls around West Jakarta.

Central Park mall is very crowded during the weekend because usually people prefer to hang out with family or friends in this mall. The main advantage of the mall is its Tribeca park which is very large and sometimes performing music concert in the area. You can go to this mall if you want to chill and experience a luxury lifestyle in West Jakarta.


Sky Rink Jakarta

best places around West Jakarta


In Grogol Petamburan, there is also Taman Anggrek Mall that located near the Central Park Mall. The iconic place of Taman Anggrek Mall is its Sky Rink. Probably, it is the most popular ice skating park in West Jakarta.

If you were interested to play ice skating, you can visit this place with your friends or family. It is accelerating.


Halfway Bar Puri Indah

best places around West Jakarta


What do you do in Saturday Night? How about drinking some liquor in Halfway Bar? Located in Puri Indah district, Halfway is a bar and restaurant that provides the customers with a cozy ambience, international beers & liquors, delicious foods, and musical playback.

The bar sometimes invites popular musicians to play in an event. In this place, you can see your favorite musicians and drink your favorite liquors at the same time. Exciting isn’t it?


Colosseum Night Club

best places around West Jakarta


If you prefer to go clubbing in Saturday Night, don’t worry, Colosseum Jakarta is your best choice. Located near the Jakarta Old Town, Colosseum is the biggest nightclub in West Jakarta. It offers a luxury sensation of a nightclub with a large size area and extra high ceilings. The concept of this club obviously will make you see a breathtaking visual of a nightlife you’ve never seen before.

The lightning master behind the club’s shows comes from the best clubs in Ibiza and New York, making the Colosseum Jakarta reaches its international standard of a nightclub.

If you want to live your night on fire, make sure to visit this one.